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How do I find my unit?

When you book a unit, you’ll receive a text message and an email detailing your unit number and the row in which it is located.

In the email will be a link to the map for your site, complete with a visual layout of the site that you can use to easily locate your unit.

There will also be a map and further guidance located at the site itself.

Here are the maps for each site: Aldridge, Coventry, West Brom.

What can I fit in my self storage container?

Our 20ft units offer 150sqft of storage. This is enough space to store the contents of an average 3 bedroom house / one and half garages, the larger items for a house move (such as pianos, sofas, tables, or big screen TVs), or over 300 standard archive boxes with shelving.

If you’re still not sure if our units are large enough for your needs, give us a call on 01922 897 635 and we’ll help you make the right choice.

How do I open/close and lock/unlock my unit?

To open, close, lock and unlock your unit, follow the instructions given in our video guidance available here

My ID verifcation failed, what do I do now?

If your ID fails to be automatically validated, take the following steps before reaching out to us:

– Ensure the name you’ve provided at the beginning of our process matches what is on your ID.

– Follow the instructions carefully when uploading the photo of your ID (e.g. taking a photo against a dark surface, when the ID in focus).

You can find out more about this ID verification service, DocuSign Identify, here. If the problem persists, please call us on 01922 897 635 and we will help you resolve the issue.

I want to book another unit, how do I do this?

We’re in the process of scoping and rolling out a system that automatically recognises repeat customers through our online booking process.

In the meantime, contact us directly on 01922 897 635 so that we can add an additional unit or units to your existing contract.

I want to check out of my unit, how do I do this?

To end your contract and check out of your unit, put the keys into the Returns box located by the gate.

Next, please visit this page and enter your details as prompted. You should also be able to access this page via the QR code next to the returns box.

This will enable us to verify that you are the person currently renting said storage units and end your contract. No further payments will be taken since you pay for each month of storage in advance.

What size units do you offer?

We provide secure 20ft shipping container units that offer 150sqft of space for safely storing business and personal belongings. If you’re not sure if this provides enough space for your goods, please visit our Prices and Sizes page.

What kinds of things can I store?

You may store anything except hazardous, illegal, dangerous, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods.

A full list of prohibited items is provided within the contract you’ll see when booking storage, but in general, we advise you exercise common sense.

How do I book a unit?

You can see full instructions for booking a unit online here.

First, navigate to one of the forms on our site then select your location. From there, follow the instructions throughout the process.

Once you’ve passed the ID check, you’ll be prompted to sign a DocuSign contract before paying for your first month’s storage, deposit, and any relevant insurance.

By paying, you will have automatically set-up your on-going storage subscription with us and we will automatically take payment each month in advance of that month’s storage.

You’ll then receive a receipt in an email from Stripe (our payment processor), along with details of your site’s address, your storage unit number, the row in which it is located, your keysafe number (where your keys are held), and the key fob code which you will need to access the unit.

How soon can I store my goods?

We use a completely online system so as soon as you’ve paid for your storage, you can start storing with us, no matter the time of day or night.

Follow the instructions that you receive immediately after paying for your storage and you’ll be storing with us in no time.

How do I access my unit?

To access your unit, make a note of your unit number and row, as well as address of your chosen site. This can all be found in your booking confirmation email and text.

Now, travel to the site gates for your site’s location. The map you’ve been sent will show you where your gate is.

Locate the key lockers and enter your key locker code – this will have been sent to you via email. Pull the black lever next to the numbers down to open. Remove keys and fob and close the key locker. Find your unit on the map next to the key lockers (by tag colour and unit number).

Locate fob reader – it looks like a number key pad next to the gate. Enter your code, wait for the gate to open, and enter. Now drive, walk or ride to your unit. Click here for more information.

How do I pay?

We only accept payment by card via our secure integrated Stripe payment portal.

This is for security purposes – Stripe is one of the world’s most widely used and trusted payment processors.

You’ll be prompted to pay for your storage once you’ve signed your contract and will have the opportunity before and after signing the contract to review the amounts payable immediately (deposit, first month’s storage, and insurance), plus the recurring monthly amount for the duration of your storage.

You do not need to set-up payments manually for the recurring payments, these will be taken on a monthly basis up until the point at which your cancel the contract and vacate your unit.

Is there a minimum term / contract?

Unlike other self-storage companies, we don’t tie you into long contracts. We operate on a subscription model, meaning you can leave us at any time without any penalty.

Since your storage is paid for a month in advance, cancelling your contract means no additional payments will be taken from the moment you cancel.

Do you provide packaging and boxes?

Yes we do. You can find out more about this on our Packaging Materials page.

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is mandatory when storing with U Can Store It. By default, we’ll insure your goods through our provider and you will be shown the cost of this insurance (per £1000 worth of stored) when booking your unit.

If you already have insurance, contact us immediately after booking your storage and we’ll process your refund once we’ve confirmed you have sufficient cover in place.

You can view our summary of cover here.

Why does DocuSign say there's a discrepancy between the payment items and total?

Don’t worry, your total amount is correct and there is no need to contact us to confirm this.

This is an issue that DocuSign themselves are looking into. See here: