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Accessing Your Unit

First time customer or curious about storing with us? See how easy it is to access your unit here.

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Finding Your Unit

When you book a unit with us at one of our three sites, you’ll receive both an SMS message and an email detailing your unit number and the row within which this unit is located. Below is an example of the email you’ll receive.



In this email, you’ll also receive a link to the map for your chosen site. In this document you’ll see a visual layout of the site, complete with details of where the rows and your unit are located in relation to the front gates. An example for the Aldridge site is below:



There will also be a map and further guidance located at the physical site itself.

Here are the maps for each site: Aldridge, Coventry, West Brom.

Accessing Your Unit

Now you’re clear on the location of the site gates for your location, locate the key lockers and enter your key locker code – this will also have been sent to you in the email outlined above.

Pull the black lever next to the numbers down to open. Remove keys and fob and close the key locker. Find your unit on the map next to the key lockers (by tag colour and unit number).

Next, locate the fob reader – it looks like a number key pad next to the gate. Enter your code, wait for the gate to open, and enter.

Now simply drive, walk or ride to your unit.

Opening and Closing Your Unit

Once you’re at your unit, unlocking, opening, closing and locking your unit is easy. Just follow along with our video tutorial here.

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