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Are you new to U Can Store It? We’ll show you why your goods couldn’t be in safer hands.

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Self-storage you can really trust

While anyone can purchase shipping containers and offer storage space, our affiliation with S Jones Containers sets us apart. As one of the UK’s leading shipping container suppliers with over 40 years of industry experience, S Jones also supports the setup and expansion of self-storage companies through their StoragePro initiative. This means we truly understand the intricacies of self-storage. Established in 2000, U Can Store It leverages this extensive expertise to provide hassle-free self-storage solutions to businesses and individuals across the West Midlands.

Get storing in 3 easy steps

1. Book a unit

Choose your site, verify your ID, and book your unit online.

2. Access your unit

We'll email/text instructions to you so you can access your unit on site.

3. Load & lock

Load your items and lock your secure container unit.

Common questions about our services

Are you members of the SSA (Self-Storage Association)

Yes we are. You can read more about this here.

What sets you apart from other self-storage companies

A few things! We are the UK’s first self-storage operator to offer a fully secure, online self-storage booking process that you can complete within minutes.

This is part of our commitment to making self-storage as hassle-free and as simple as possible.  Additionally, you can access your unit 24/7, 365 days a year, with direct drive-up access making it that much easier to transport heavy goods into your unit.

For more information on why you should choose us, click here

How soon can I store my goods?

Once you have completed our online booking process and paid for your storage, you can begin storing immediately.

You will receive all the information regarding your site and unit in your confirmation email and SMS, which will outline how to access your unit.

What size units do you offer?

We provide secure 20ft shipping container units that offer 150sqft of space for safely storing business and personal belongings. If you’re not sure if this provides enough space for your goods, please visit our Prices and Sizes page.

Will my goods be insured?

We require all those who store with us to have insurance in place, which we offer as part of our booking process for £8.68 (inc VAT) per £1000 of goods stored within your unit, per month.

If you do not need our insurance because you already have your own, please call us to discuss this and we’ll organise your storage accordingly.

How do I pay for storage?

Most providers offer storage on a contract basis, offering preferable rates for longer commitment periods.

Unlike others, we offer self-storage on a rolling monthly subscription basis. You can cancel anytime, and you’re not locked in or penalised for doing so.

Do you provide packaging and boxes?

Yes we do. You can find out more about this on our Packaging Materials page.

Is there a minimum term / contract?

Unlike other self-storage companies, we don’t tie you into long contracts. We operate on a subscription model, meaning you can leave us at any time without any penalty.

Since your storage is paid for a month in advance, cancelling your contract means no additional payments will be taken from the moment you cancel.

How do I access my unit?

  1. 1. To access your unit, make a note of your unit number and row, as well as the address of your chosen site. This can all be found in your booking confirmation email and text.

2. Travel to the gates of your site’s location. The map you’ve been sent will show you where your gate is.

3. Locate the key lockers and enter your key locker code – this will have been sent to you via email. Pull the black lever next to the numbers down to open. Remove keys and fob and close the key locker.

4. Find your unit on the map next to the key lockers (by tag colour and unit number).

5. Locate fob reader – it looks like a number keypad next to the gate. Enter your code, wait for the gate to open, and enter.

6. Now drive, walk, or ride to your unit.

What areas do you cover?

We operate in the West Midlands, with sites in Aldridge (Walsall), West Bromwich, and Coventry.

What other services do you offer?

Subject to availability, we can support you with van hire to transport your goods to your unit. We also provide Packaging and Materials and can support you with our forklift at our Aldridge site when necessary.

We also offer racking for the inside of your unit to help you make better use of the space.

Can I drive directly to my unit?

Yes! All three of our sites allow you to drive directly to your unit(s).


  • 75, 150 and 300sqft storage units available – suitable for a wide range of storage needs whether it's personal household items or excess storage for your business
  • Book online in just two minutes, as part of a rolling monthly subscription – you are not tied into any minimum contract term
  • Protected by 24/7 monitored CCTV and a gated entry system which ensures customer only access
  • 24/7 direct access to your unit door via car, van or truck – no trolleys, lifts or corridors to negotiate
  • Manned site, with staff available during core office hours plus a 24-hour emergency number
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See why our customers trust us to safely store their belongings

Anonymous / April 2024
This is the 3rd time I’ve used U Can Store It in Aldridge and every time the service has been very professional. The containers are very clean, competitively priced and if you have any problems, they have a 24/7 phone support. Great service and fully recommended.
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Llifon / March 2022
Very friendly staff with good customer service....
All reviews
Customer / October 2019
Customer service was excellent.
All reviews