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How to Protect Equipment in Storage

When you run a business, then your tools and equipment can be critical for you being able to operate. Some small business owners use self-storage so they can safely store their large and bulky equipment.

Whilst self-storage is a safe and secure way of storing your equipment, it is important to ensure that your equipment is protected before putting it into self-storage. This guide looks at different ways you can protect your equipment prior to it going into storage.

Electrical Equipment

These products are often delicate and can be expensive, so you don’t want to damage these items. As a result, you should use quality packaging. If you don’t have any packaging to hand, contact us today for a quote.

Each item should be wrapped properly to avoid damage to the electrical components, before being placed tightly and sealed in a cardboard box.


To protect glassware, you should bubble wrap the items several times. This would give it the protection required and ensure that the items don’t get chipped or cracked.

Metal & Silver

For metal and silver objects, like kitchen utensils and ornaments, you should start with applying a coat of olive oil on the tools or on larger items, you should apply WD40. This is to slow down the oxidation process and prevent rusting. Following that you should wrap the items in a heavy fabric, to prevent the surfaces from scratching.


To protect fabrics, (such as clothing, bedding, cushions etc.) you should bag these items. This is to protect the materials from dust and to maximise the storage space you have.


To protect your furniture when it storage, you should cover them with dustsheets. This is because dustsheets are effective at protecting your furniture from dust, potential drips from other things in storage or from loose debris.

Heavy Duty Equipment

So that you can comply with the storage unit requirements, any items which may contain fuel must be drained before putting into storage. For heavy and large items, you should dismantle these things into more manageable pieces so you can move them in and out of storage easily and safely.

Some Extra Tips For Storage

To help air circulate around your items, to help prevent mould from growing on your items, you should leave some space between them. Furthermore, if you can, use pallets to create some space between the floor and your items.

At U Can Store It, you can be sure that your items will stay protected with us. We have over 20 years of storage experience and at all of our sites, we have safe and secure self-storage units. If you would like to speak to one of our experts about the storage solutions we offer, please contact us today.