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On-Site Storage Wednesbury

Over the years U Can Store It has helped hundreds of customers to manage their lives and businesses by taking advantage of our on-site storage solutions. Based on what we have seen real customers use us for, we have put together some examples and storage solutions to help you see what a wide range of uses we have potential for.

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Domestic Storage Solutions

  • Home movers.
    • You might be able to sell your house more quickly and for more money if you store surplus ‘clutter’ out of the home in order to show it off to it’s best.
    • We have had customers phone us on a Wednesday, who have sold their house ONLY IF they are out of it by Friday – they have moved their household contents into our store to take them selves out of the chain and enable them to take the best deal that came along for their house.
    • Once out of the chain, you may be a cash buyer once more and able to make cash offers to get the best deal on your next home.
    • Remember, where house values are concerned, you are normally looking at thousands or tens of thousands of pounds – compared to potentially only a few hundred pounds of storage costs.
  • Growing families.
    • If your young family is growing, in numbers and/or size, then some items that may not currently be needed like prams and cots can be kept out of the way, or some items just have to be moved out to make room for more bodies.
    • These items can extend to seasonally or occasionally used items such as Christmas decorations, luggage, garden furniture, etc..
  • Hobbyists.
    • Hobbies often tend to accumulate either a growing number of items, or large items not possible for storage at home. A local storage solution can mean easy access when required, i.e. a weekend away, or an evening out.
    • Again, season storage may be chosen for classic cars, motor bikes, water sports equipment, for example.
  • Moving in together.
    • In this modern world this can often be two people with established homes moving in together with many duplicated items, or just more stuff than can be kept in the new shared home – self storage can help with this.
  • Splitting up.
    • We have helped people at difficult times when their lives are in upheaval and they need to keep items in a temporary location until they are sorted out.
  • Downsizing.
    • When people do not want to be in a larger house that they brought the family up in, but still have items that cannot be disposed of quickly, or just need to be kept, self storage is a good buffer to assist with the change.
  • Moving out.
    • Again, sadly, we have helped people whose elderly relatives have either had to leave their home for a care home, or have died. Furniture has been stored with us whilst arrangements are made for other relatives to take it, or to be sold.
  • Decorating/renovating.
    • Sometimes it is not possible just to ‘juggle’ things around whilst major house projects are undertaken – moving items into temporary storage means having enough room to swing the paint roller without having to make the job more of a fight than it already is!
  • Going away – sabbaticals or working abroad.
    • We can rent a unit and provide a ‘monitoring service’ for those people who are going to be away for an extended period of time, giving them comfort of mind that someone is taking care of any possessions in their absence.
  • Students on holiday.
    • Some students, especially from abroad, will not have anywhere to store belongings during holidays when either halls of residence have to be vacated, or new accommodation is being located for the next term.

Business Storage Solutions

  • Market traders/car booters/people with stock.
    • For small businesses it is often undesirable to be tied into a business unit for long time periods, as fortunes change in the mean time making that premises either too big, or too small. Rental of a self store unit with U Can Store It could not be more flexible – there are no long term commitments (no notice period if you don’t need the unit, we’ll refund any outstanding rent paid to us), and you can change unit sizes or rent extra units as you please.
  • Tradespersons/people with equipment or stock.
    • Plumbers, builders, electricians, etc., may not need all tools at all times, and may require secure storage for valuable equipment between uses, or even just over night out of the van.
    • Consumable items can be bought in bulk and stored and surpluses from jobs can be stored and used as required.
  • Document Storage/archiving.
    • A unit fitted with racking is a very good way of clearing out infrequently required documents or records that must be kept for legal reasons.
    • We can arrange document scanning onto disc prior to storage with full retrieval of any individual document. We also offer on site document shredding following storage.
  • Removals companies.
    • Either rent space for the storage of your customers’ possessions, or allow them to use us as a self storage facility – both uses are common, depending on the requirements of the householder and removals company. Removals companies can enhance their services by adding the ‘self storage’ element to their service through us.
  • Creating space in costly offices.
    • As with domestic situations, sometimes items that need to be kept, but not needed now, can be moved out into an area that is cheaper per square foot to rent than commercial offices, rather than have to move to bigger and yet more expensive premises.
  • Shop fitters/renovators.
    • Items for a new shop fitting can be brought together away from the property concerned, and items removed can then be stored so that orderly disposal can then be organised, bringing greater flexibility to the operation.
  • Sales representatives.
    • People who work from home, but who need storage for promotional items, etc, can gain flexibility with self storage, especially as we can allow courier companies to deliver replenishment stocks to your unit (on your instructions) during business hours, freeing you up so you can be out repping and earning commission!
  • Directory distribution.
    • As with the above example, stocks can be delivered to the self storage unit in bulk and then collected at convenient times and in convenient quantities for onward distribution.
  • Clubs and hobby organisations
    • Some groups either have items that require secure storage away from a club meeting venue, or like the Cubs/Scouts/Brownies, may have equipment that requires safe storage between uses and away from vandals.
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